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We’ll help reorient your software development — toward the goal of building sustainably good software!

The market is faster than your system?

If the market changes faster than you can adapt your IT-supported processes or your IT systems, then it’s time to act fast.

Rigid system landscapes and software systems restrict your movement on the market or slow you down. Often, these are Cobol or host applications — “historically developed” Java Enterprise applications or the famous Oracle monolith with technical debts that tie up a large part of your capacities in costly testability, maintenance and troubleshooting. Instead of being able to invest your energy in the development of new functions or releases, your system ties up a great deal of your resources. In short: classic legacy systems.

Holistic and sustainable.

However, the replacement, expansion or modernization of existing software systems only gives you some time, but does not provide a lasting solution to the problem. Often not only the technology used, but also the software development methods employed must be optimized to lastingly improve your systems.

We don’t solve the problem for you,
we do it together with you.

Our team illuminates all areas and interfaces of your software development on-site at your company — technically, procedurally and organizationally.

That’s because: Software development is not just a technical challenge, it also affects all key area of your organization. To do this, we bring along whatever tools are necessary from our tool box to install a sustainably functioning system of software development at your firm. And that takes place in small steps and with a fail-safe process. First, we begin with the limited scope of a specific problem, then later we roll out the results and experience gained in other problem domains.

We put together a cross-functional team for this purpose:

  • Software architects
  • Senior Developers
  • Agile coach
  • Projekt managers
  • Quality assurance experts
  • Compliance

This team is comprised of both your and our expert personnel, for we work side-by-side with you.

We open our
toolbox for you.

Iteratively, with an agile working method, we dissect the complexity of the problem, identify the need for action and approach the solution together. In the process, everyone involved learns hands-on in on-the-job training what’s important — regardless of whether it’s technical skills, project management, quality assurance or…

Here the goal is to convey knowledge and problem-solving strategies that enable you to find ingenious, innovative solutions in the future, even when we’re long gone. We offer you fun and the courage, to set out on new paths and we give you the tools you need to do that.

A look at our toolbox:

  • Experience
  • Modern technologies
  • Skilled dudettes and dudes
  • Processes/project management
  • Agile transformation
  • Compliance
  • Test know-how
  • Infrastructure and operating experience

Now we’re ready for take-off! We start developing software — together and on all levels.

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